Miti Ampoma
07931 550894
07931 550894

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About Miti

I am a communications specialist with extensive experience and a track record in private and public sector organisations. My industry experience spans financial services, transport, government, television and telecommunications. My specialisms include change management and transformation communications, internal communications, public affairs, press and media relations. At the heart of my work are the effective tools of NLP, which I use to custom build imaginative and innovative ways to create motivational sparkle in my clients, enabling them as individuals to release their energy (en-mass), to realise their full potential and make that meaningful difference!  
My goal always in my communication work is to enable you - either personally or in your organisation - to:  
1. Express your passion  
2. Expand your mind  
3. Excel in discipline  
This creates real transformation...  
My work is underpinned, shaped and influenced by my other skills, namely:  
a) A 12 year career as a television journalist and producer/director  
b) A trained actor (so performance and presentation,- especially use of the voice - are an added bonus where required)  
c) An experienced practicing massage therapist specialising in clinical practice and stress relief.  
d) 2 years as a professional senior recruitment consultant/headhunter

Development History

Master NLP Practitioner - The Beyond Partnership

NLP Practitioner:
Q.Learning/The Beyond Partnership

Personal Resilliance & Centred Leadership - The Beyond Partnership

The Intuitive Body Conscious Embodiment Level 2 - Wendy Palmer

Active member of the Richmond NLP Group:

The Creative Touch and right brained approaches in facilitating change with Louise Austin and Alison Hodge

From Hurt to Wholeness with Michael Mallows




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