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About us

At PPD Learning we have been providing highest quality training in NLP for over 20 years.
We were one of the pioneers in the UK then, and we are still at the forefront of dynamic, effective and inspirational training, now. Literally thousands of people have benefited from our ongoing commitment to quality, innovation and a fun and stimulating approach to learning and coaching. Our Practitioner and Master Practitioner certificates are co-signed by John Grinder.

* Leading Edge NLP
* World Class Training
* Individual Coaching and Support
* Professional & Personal Results
*All training in Covent Garden

Our Practitioner Course

Days Contact: 21 Days | Course Duration: months | Group Size: 50 | Cost: £850 (Part1), �1825 (Part2). Booked together: �2575 all + VAT
Course Format: Part 1 - 7 days, Part 2 14 days

Our Practitioner course is designed to meet different learning styles and for the learnings to build one upon another through time. With a fascinating variety of exercises, activities, demonstrations, diagrams, discussions, explanations, stories and examples we aim to make this a rich and stimulating learning environment in which you can confidently explore how NLP can really benefit you in life.

Our programme is divided into two parts. In part 1 (7 days) this intensive programme gives you an exciting 'hands-on'introduction to all the fundamentals of NLP and sets up the learning for the more advanced material in Part 2.
In Part 2 (14 days) is in four key sections where you deepen your understanding and practice of NLP, adding new materials, skills and techniques every day for a fully comprehensive state-of-the-art quality NLP experience.

The four modules are: A special new seminar every year with Robert Dilts, or Coaching with NLP (Joseph O'Connor); States of Excellence; The Magic of Language; and The Power of Practitioner Skills.

Our Master Practitioner Course

Days Contact: 20 Days | Course Duration: 6 months | Group Size: 50 | Cost: £2870 + VAT
Course Format: 6 x 3 or 4 days (long weekends)

The Ultimate Master Practitioner - This extraordinary and unique multi-level training is designed to build further success with your NLP skills and get the learning 'in the muscle.' Whether you are a recently certified Practitioner or an advanced long-term user, you'll be excited and challenged by the amazing range and variety in this highly respected and renowned 'connoisseurs' Master Practitioner Programme.

We offer you an astonishing world-class line up of trainers - from all the major 'schools' in NLP - Judith DeLozier, David Gordon, Charles Faulkner, Judith Lowe, and Robert Dilts! You'll benefit from their many years of profound knowledge, enjoy their differing maps and perspectives and get to experience a rich variety of approaches to learning. These inspirational and accomplished teachers will share with you their latest research and models of excellence and together create an integrated seven-month journey of discovery and change.




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