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About us

We have been working with NLP for more than 20 years in a variety of contexts that includes executive coaching, consultancy, team facilitation and training in-house clients and 10 years of training NLP on open courses. Our combined experience covers the private, public and voluntary sectors. Our work in-house today is primarily with senior managers and directors on leadership development, culture change, facilitation and coaching.

We believe it is important to have many tools in our toolbox and to have a broad knowledge and experience beyond NLP. This enables us to provide other valuable dimensions into the training design and teaching. We link NLP with other models and join the dots to real lives and the real world.

In our experience people learn best and most when they are challenged, are having fun and are fully supported in their learning. This is the context we create for our trainings, whilst also paying attention to individual learning styles and needs. We take a whole systems approach, creating a context where you will live your learning.

With a maximum group size of 15 - 18, individual and group process becomes the content for applying and developing your NLP skills. The small group format also ensures a high level of personal focus from the trainers and an individually tailored and focused learning experience.

We are rigorous in our standards & integration assessment and completely committed to supporting you on your learning journey and in developing outstanding (NLP) capability at a personal, interpersonal and group level.

Our Practitioner Course

Days Contact: 20 Days | Course Duration: 6 months | Group Size: 18 | Cost: £
Course Format: Modular

Our Practitioner programme will teach you the core NLP models and skills; it will also take you on a journey that will provide a powerful shift in your ability to lead and manage yourself and others; to get the outcomes you want in every aspect of your life.

Each module builds on previous learning to provide a progressive learning experience. Our intention for you is that you not only learn the technology of NLP but you "get it in the muscle". We work at multiple levels and give you the training to integrate NLP into your professional and personal life.

Our Master Practitioner Course

Days Contact: 20 Days | Course Duration: 6 months | Group Size: 18 | Cost: £
Course Format: Modular

The focus for this entire programme is identity and becoming all you can be. We bring your personal journey to the forefront - who you are now and who you want to become � both in your work and in your personal life. We use modelling as a fundamental process for realising your potential and taking your NLP skills to the next level.

Practitioner skills are the foundation stones on which we build what we call 3-dimensional NLP. We apply modelling to two major projects, individual and organisational, that will support your personal alignment and integrity. You will learn through mapping patterns and systems and working with beliefs, values, leverage points and advanced NLP based change agent skills. A very special addition is the opportunity to demonstrate your leadership and expose some patterns through an experience of Horse Whispering.

Our Trainer Course

Days Contact: 20 Days | Course Duration: 5 months months | Group Size: 15 | Cost: £
Course Format: Modular

Training is more than a role or a set of skills. The average competent trainer and many trainer trainings focus only on skills and behaviour, the exceptional trainer knows it is more significantly about how and who they are. They understand that training and what happens in a group is not about them. They learn to become “an empty flute” and seemingly paradoxically they also at the same time manifest themselves through the training they do.

This is a NLP Trainer Training that is not only about how to train NLP skills, it is also a training for those who are skilled in NLP and want to become exceptional trainers, presenters and facilitators whatever the content.

Participants will have plenty of opportunity to present and receive feedback during the modules and will be set tasks and assignments throughout the programme including videoing training sessions or presentations and bringing them to the group for comment and feedback. Thus we will ensure you are fluent in essential training skills and group dynamics. There will also be the opportunity to model a number of excellent guest trainers.

The programme will be lead by Marie Faire with guest trainers throughout the programme, including Judith Lowe, Richard Tyler and Liz and Ian Newton.

We are rigorous in our standards, integration and assessment. We are also completely committed to supporting you on your learning journey and in developing outstanding training. Liz and Ian Newton will be the external assessors for the integration.

Our Speciality Course

Days Contact: | Course Duration: months | Group Size: | Cost: £
Course Format:

Spiral Dynamics Certification with co-originator Chris Cowan 13-16 and 18-20 March 2012. 1 day introductory workshops with Marie Faire and Paul King available throughout the year.

Coach Specific Training for NLP Master Practitioners - starts 29 November 2012.

Firewalk Evening - 20 April 2012

Masterclass: Neuroscience & NLP with Dr Andrew Curran, Marie Faire and Paul King - 7 June 2012. Andrew Curran is a neurobiologist and author of The Little Book of Big Stuff about the Brain.

Masterclass: Enabling Transformation in & by Teams with Prof. Peter Hawkins - 13 December 2012. Peter is Professor of Leadership at Henley Business School.




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